Fall Asleep by 10 PM for Heart Health

According to the Guardian, UK Biobank suggested that the best time to fall asleep to help reset the clock is between 10 PM and 11 PM, based on 88,000 participants. Not only does it help the body set the right tempo for the next day, falling asleep at this time was linked to having the lowest incidents related to the heart.

While the study could not provide an absolute cause and effect  After all, those who stay up late, go out and get drunk, would naturally contribute to a higher risk of heart disease. However, the study suggested that an earlier or later sleep time would cause the person to miss the early morning signs necessary to reset the rhythms of the circadian rhythm.

After a prolonged period, it can cause inflammation and cause glucose regulation impairment, both which can be problematic.

This finding was stronger in women than men. It is not yet clear why.

While most people believe that heart disease is usually a result of psychological disturbance, or physiological disturbance, it is also and more likely to be sign of an irregular circadian rhythm.

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