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Boris Johnson and Partygate

It is no secret that Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, broke rules regarding Covid-19 shutdown, when he held a party. He was fined 50 pounds, which is about $100 or so.

In the meantime, a pub landlord in North Devon held a party on the same date (December 18, 2020) as the prime minister, was fined 4,000 pounds. This hypocritical application of the regulations has people fuming across the pond.

At the time, Devon was under Tier 2 restriction, which meant only friends and family could meet if they were living together or otherwise part of a support bubble. The police performed a raid and found there were several different groups of people sitting together.

The landlord justified the meeting as being limited to a Christmas party among colleagues and coworkers, as they’d been working together throughout the pandemic. The group was around 12-20 people.

The landlord is a Conservative voter and wants Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak to resign after they – along with Johnson’s wife Carrie and 40-odd other people – were fined for attending a birthday party on June 19 2020.

Johnson and Sunak had previously said in Parliament that they didn’t attend the party and followed the rules. This story is still in development; some say that Johnson was the first to break toast.

The Wayfarer Inn offered free meals to NHS and care staff during the Covid-19 lockdowns, as well as providing free school meals and giving up rooms at no charge for those self-isolating.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating 12 potential gatherings, meaning the Prime Minister and Sunak could be fined again if found to have participated. Many in Britain are now calling for resignation.

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