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Trump’s Republicans – Too dangerous to go mask-free, but too cheap to keep people out of danger

Next economic rescue package, as proposed by the senate Republicans will see $600 unemployment benefits decrease to $400, and again, forcing states to take charge of the unemployment benefits.

This proposal is part of another $1 trillion relief bill to handle the continued economic decline affected by the novel coronavirus.  Senate republicans want to reduce $600 to $200 until states can implement new approach in states that pays unemployed up the 70 percent of the income collected before the loss of their jobs, while the House Democrats wish to extend it until January due to high unemployment rates.

This isn’t just about survival however; Trump Republicans argue that people are unfairly using taxpayer dollars to sit at home rather than working or looking for jobs.

This is inaccurate portrayal of current events: there are 15 million fewer jobs. 11 percent of the population is unemployed.

The assumption behind the policy however, it something more selfish: it’s a Republican assumption that people want to resume economic activities at the level of pre-pandemic levels regardless of whether the coronavirus is controlled and removed. This is wrong.

As states reopened in May and June with decrease in coronavirus outbreaks, people went back to economic activity. Coronavirus numbers soared, and many states are being forced to close down again, or to impose the 14-day quarantines on people.

As people have seen the negative results of opening too quickly, if the coronavirus is not completely controlled, there will be no economic recovery; no normal return to work or the kind of shopping necessary to create jobs. While Trump and Republicans choose to not believe this, instead wanting to convince people to return to work.

Unfortunately however, Trump’s move to open too quickly may have shown Americans exactly why he shouldn’t be believed.

As total coronavirus infections in America surpasses 4 million people, it’s not belief of normalcy that Trump Republicans should convince people of; it is truth and good statesmanship, keeping people safe under this unforeseen crisis, that will benefit him come November.


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