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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts votes in favor of Women’s Rights

John Roberts, the Chief Justice of Supreme Court voted to keep abortion clinics legally open in the state of Louisiana. This has led to great outrage in the conservative groups while the liberal groups have celebrated the win.

In the 5-4 opinion, Chief Justice Roberts voted to strike down the law that forbid doctors from abortions unless they had local hospital admitting rights, which if affirmed as legal, would have left Louisiana with just one abortion clinic in the entire state.

Women’s right to abortion and choice regarding their own sexual health has been on the chopping block for every major election cycle, with the Republicans yelling to end all abortions or any access to contraceptives, and the Democrats yelling for the opposite.

Most of the South and Midwest have restricted abortion by law, and Louisiana’s abortion law is identical to Texas’ abortion law, in that it attempts to prevent surgery by abortion by restricting doctors from being able to perform the surgery through legal means.

Many red states have banned abortion at the point when fetal heartbeat could be detected, which some have interpreted to be as early as six weeks of pregnancy.

As certain states continue to beat down on women’s right to sexual healthcare, this decision was a much needed strengthening of Casey v. Planned Parenthood, and preventing states from imposing even further “undue burden” on the women’s reproductive freedom.


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