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No More Gasoline Car Sales by 2035, says Governor of California

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed an executive order on Wednesday, banning the sale of new gas cars and trucks after 2035. Gas cars and trucks may be owned and sold on the used car market, however.

The governor is also calling for the end of petroleum fracking, but unlike his gas-car ban, decided to leave the this matter to the California legislature.

As wildfires become an yearly event in California (and much of the west coast), Newsom wants to become more aggressive in fighting anti-climate matters; however, it has not been so successful as the Trump administration had sought to revoke California’s authority to mandate zero-emission vehicles. The matter landed in court.

According to the state statistics, transportation is the state’s biggest and rising source of emissions.

Although zero-emission vehicles have been on the incline, they still only accounted for less than 8 percent of all new cars sold in California in 2019.

Institute for Energy Research, a think tank that sides with the fossil fuel industry, called out the Governor’s act as silly, stating that driving cars is not what causes forest fires or makes them worse. The spokesperson also stated that while the zero-emission cars might not have emissions while being driven, it still requires fossil fuel usage at the power plant.

This however, will provide much needed data on whether zero-emission cars can truly decrease the tremendous carbon footprint environmental pundits have been arguing.


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