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Covid-19’s Real Problem: Organ damage

As US sees 150,000 deaths from COVID-19, some of those who are for quick reopening tout the relatively low death percentage rate as an argument against the severity of COVID-19. However, those who are recovering from COVID-19 show something more sinister from coronavirus infection: organ damage.

Two German studies found that many patients recovering from COVID-19 had heart abnormalities that didn’t exist before. The study included 100 patients from the University of Hospital Frankfurt COVID-19 Registry.

1/3 on the registry recovered at the hospital, while the other 2/3 recovered at home; however, in the 78 of the original 100, there were now heart abnormalities, with 60 of them showing inflammation in the heart muscle from COVID-19.

This abnormality would not be found on the echograms more frequently used to detect heart abnormalities.

Such results are quite damaging; those who have this weakness will likely require more extensive treatments and be at risk for abnormal heart beats and other heart problems.

So yes, maybe COVID-19 only kills around 1 percent of those infected; however, the true harm of COVID-19 isn’t necessarily the fast death, but the lasting impact on the majority of those that recover from the disease; mostly, the weakening of the organs in the rest of the body.


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