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78 Years old Lady get $78,000 for Age discrimination Settlement

When life expectancy rises many old people are put to the workplace again. A 78-year-old receptionist in Georgia woman was fired in 2022 due to her age was a matter. The lady was fired from her work, at a retirement community in Columbus, Georgia brought lots of attention to the public. She was fired after her hospitalization with high blood pressure while at work, the EEOC, a federal agency says. According to Business Insider, She was fired a month before being recognized as one of its employees of the year.

Her management officers constantly asked and pressured her when she would retire from the job. Eventually, she was fired after she stayed at the hospital for two days to take care of her blood pressure in 2022. She filed an age and disability discrimination lawsuit in Feb. 2022 by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

She received a letter from the general manager saying that her employment had ended in a “business decision” because the company lost confidence in her ability to carry out her tasks, the EEOC said.

As a result of a lawsuit, Covenant Woods Retirement Community and its owner, BrightSpace Senior Living agreed to settle the claim. The Retirement Community paid her $78,000 in late April 2024.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1986,  forbids age discrimination against people aged 40 years old and over. According to NIH, the Period between 2000 and 2020, employed workers ages 60 and over has doubled among both men(7.4% to 14.8% in men) and women(6.3% to 14%).


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