Vaccinated Fill Hospitals in the UK: Why?

Unlike the U.S. where some of the population is still very much against vaccination for covid purposes, the U.K. has been highly successful in getting most of its population vaccinated against Covid-19; almost 80 percent of UK citizens aged 12 and older. With this, Covid-19 deaths are at about 10 percent of previous waves (for example, 120 deaths instead of 1,200), although people may just as well be susceptible to catching Covid-19.

While the vaccines are highly effective against much of Covid-19, it is not a complete protection, as the vaccines are only 95% effective at preventing hospitalization and death from the delta variant, which is the most common variant in the UK.

While it is true that more vaccinated people are counted at the hospital than those that are not, this is missing a key feature, which is that most of the population IS vaccinated. Therefore, it stands to show that in any given population, if delta variant finds a footing, those entering the hospital will likely be vaccinated rather than not, simply due to the number of people that are vaccinated.

When the true dataset is collected, the Public Health England Covid-19 vaccine surveillance report showed that especially in the population that is older than 80 years of age, those unvaccinated likely died at 160 persons per 100,000 within 28 days of positive Covid-19 test vs. less than 60 persons per 100,000 for those vaccinated.

The key for vaccinations is not hospitalization, but rather, death.

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