Search for Universal Covid Vaccine Begins

Until recently, researchers and scientists have attempted to tackle the variants as they became prevalent, such as the initial strain, the delta variant, and now, the omicron variant.

However, it is also true that by the time the vaccines may be ready for public release, the omicron variant is expected to relent. Mask mandates are easing in the United States, and Europeans are beginning to strongly oppose what they see as draconian measures in covid-19 prevention measures.

Therefore, scientists are now focusing their energy on a new tactic: finding a vaccine that will attempt to protect the body against all variants of the coronavirus, and any other variant or viral infections that might appear on the horizon.

The researchers are now ready to search for a truly variant-proof vaccine, which would also prevent a future pandemic, protect against unknown coronavirus that will likely jump from animals to humans in the near future.

Many scientists are thinking big, in hoping not only to solve the covid-19 problem, but even the virus variants that cause the common cold, middle east respiratory syndrome, and any other bat coronaviruses.

The first iterations of the Sar-Cov-2 vaccine focused on the simple spike protein. Future iterations will require more sophistication, as the vaccines attempt to capture more variants.

It seems clear that there is much research to be done in the field of vaccination, and the relative success with the covid-19 virus is giving researchers hope in producing vaccines that might solve even broader sets of viruses plaguing the human race today.

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