Omicron Threatens Recovery

As the world recovers from the Delta variant, another variant is coming into the picture: Omicron. With origins in Africa, the Omicron is known to be even more infectious than the Delta variant, although not much else is known. Pres. Biden attempted to reassure the nation by stating that the Omicron has less threatening impact than the Delta, although all are encouraged to vaccinate.

CDC recently opened up the Covid-19 booster shot for all individuals above the age of 18. Although the eligibility had been opened for more people, the CDC had focused on those above the age of 50 to receive them first, as they are considered to be the most vulnerable. However, as of today, CDC is recommending boosters for all Americans above the age of 18.

Air travel has become restricted once more, with travels into and out of Africa being regulated. As governments attempt to stifle the new possible onslaught of this new variant, people across the globe are showing their tiredness and weariness at yet another possible lockdown during the holidays.

Europe saw riots prior to the announcement of the Omicron, as anti-vaxxers refused to deal with the governments’ lockdown attempts. Rotterdam saw at least two dead after the rioters were shot by the police and burned down police cars.

Many continue to be concerned by the potential economic impact of this new variant, as well as whether it might have as severe of an impact as the Delta variant.

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