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Severe weather threatens at least 130 million Americans

A heatwave has hit the West Coast to East Coast US in the past weeks, at least 130 million people are experiencing hot, muggy sleepless summer nights. This heatwave has hovered in the sky like a thick blanket that took our breaths away while walking or working in a garden. North San Fransisco hits 117 […]

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Sunscreen Vital for Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Prevention

Among many scientists’ debates about sunscreen usage, there is a rising dilemma for consumers, as some say there are many cons, and some say vice versa. A consumer has to do a self-study about what exactly sunscreens do for our skin protection from UVA ultraviolet light. According to NIH, in Canada, 80,000 skin cancer cases […]

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Heat Wave Hits from South to Northeast in US

Early morning walkers hesitate to come out to walk due to heat waves with humid air hovering in the atmosphere hindering outgoers from breathing. Last week a heat wave hit southern Europe, especially Greece, and Southeast and East Asia, and it has finally arrived on the American continent. Almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the mid-day […]

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A Total Solar Eclipse to Shut Down the World… Briefly

  Photo captured from NASA According to the FAA X account, the upcoming Solar Eclipse will impact air traffic controls and airports from April 7 to April 10 because the total solar eclipse will pass over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It means some travelers could change their travel plans before or after the […]

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Car Thieves Storm in, Steals 9 Cars at MD Dealership

A winter storm hit North America from last Sunday to Wednesday this week, paralyzing much of the east coast. At the same time, a car dealership owner discovered that a group of men entered his property during the snowstorm and stole 9 cars. The dealership is located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It was morning […]

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Winter Weather Alerts from the Plains to Great Lakes

Highways will shut down across the country, from Colorado to Oklahoma to Kansas due to a blizzard blast with gusts up to 50mph and severely limited visibility. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly issued a state of disaster emergency on Monday evening. Kelly said, “Stay off the roads if possible and be mindful of emergency response personnel […]

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Japan Experiences Crisis after Crisis: M7.6 Earthquake in Noto to Airplane collision in Tokyo

photo captured from USGS On New Year’s Day, an earthquake shook Niigata and Toyama prefectures on the west coast of Japan’s Honshu region, leaving at the moment, a death toll of 57 people, with rescue missions ongoing. Due to the earthquake jolting this area, buildings collapsed, and some people were buried underneath. Aftershocks continued to […]

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A Landslide hits Homes 3 people dead and 3 missing in Alaska

One unexpected event left 3 people dead,1 person injured and 3 people missing due to heavy rain, snow, and wind gusts days earlier causing a landslide that collapsed over homes in Southeast Alaska, Wrangell on Monday. The event occurred along the Zimovia Highway, about 11 miles south of Wrangell, located in southeast Alaska. The first […]

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Extremely Strong Storm Ciarán Hits England and Western Europe; Millions Out of Power

A deadly storm hit England and Western European countries leaving millions without power. At least 5 people are dead, and several people have been injured from Wednesday night to Thursday. Winds of 118 mph plus slammed the Northwest of France, severely damaging the area by uprooting trees and blowing out windows. “A truck driver was […]

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Hurricane Lee and Margot Threatening the East Coast: Expect Hazardous Surf and High Rip Current

Photo captured from the National Weather Service X account Since last week, Hurricane Lee has been building up its strength in the Caribbean and heading to the North Atlantic. Lee will churn on the coast of New England and eventually hit Canada. National Weather Service alerts all East Coast residents or beachgoers to watch for […]