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“Nice” Landlord in VA fires gun, explodes his residence… Why?

On Monday night, an Arlington resident fired his flared gun at his neighbors from his residence. Neighbors called 911, and the first responders came with a search warrant to execute. The resident, James Yoo (56) didn’t allow police into his house; rather, he exploded it. Arlington County Police Chief Andy Penn said at the conference […]

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U.S Soldier Escapes INTO North Korea, Currently in NK Custody

A U.S. soldier crossed into North Korea while he was touring as a member of a civilian group at the Joint Security Area without authorization. After crossing the border, he was immediately detained by the DPRK, according to officials Tuesday from the Pentagon and the United Nations body that oversees the Demilitarized Zone between North […]

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Is Loudoun County the Next K-Restaurant Spot?

Since K-Pop has become more famous around the world, K-Restaurants are booming all around the globe. From Korean fusion snacking restaurants to K-style bakeries located in northern Virginia, these places are crowded especially at meal times. Paris Baguette is one of them. Paris Baguette has reportedly begun searching for a business location in Loudoun County. […]

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100th Anniversary of the National Museum of Asian Art Begins November

The National Museum of Asian Art announced on October 6, the plans for its 100th anniversary. Beginning in November and continuing through 2023, the museum will celebrate its centennial with a year-long series of events and programs that deepen the understanding of Asian arts, and cultures to expand its new audiences. A Two-week festival, May […]

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Suspect of the Two Abandoned Children in NZ arrested in S.Korea

A New Zealand citizen bought a storage unit that included a suitcase. A resident found two dead children in the suitcase. The two bodies were that of 5-year-old and 10-year-old children. According to the New Zealand Authorities, a suspect in this incident was a Korean-born woman who left for South Korea in 2018. New Zealand […]

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K-Pop Group Seventeen Successfully Performs to a Full Venue in DC; Continues to Atlanta

13-Member K-Pop hit group Seventeen is currently on tour in the United States and recently performed to a full arena of fans waiving the “Carat Bong” at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D. C. The Group’s tour is titled, “Be the Sun,” a derivative based on their newest 4th album titled “Face the Sun.” […]

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Poetry Review in Korean by Ho-Chun Kim

<명시 감상 > 가재미 문태준 김천의료원 6인실 302호에 산소마스크를 쓰고 암 투병 중인 그녀가 누워있다  바닥에 바짝 엎드린 가재미처럼 그녀가 누워 있다  나는 그녀의 옆에 나란히 한 마리 가재미로 눕는다  가재미가 가재미에게 눈길을 건네자 그녀가 울컥 눈물을 쏟아낸다  한쪽 눈이 다른 한쪽 눈으로 옮겨 붙은 야윈 그녀가 운다  그녀는 죽음만을 보고 있고 나는 그녀가 살아 […]

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Jimin from BTS hospitalized due to appendicitis and Covid-19

Several members of BTS have been found Covid-19 positive including Jin, RM, and Suga from BTS. However, Jimin from BTS has experienced the most intense symptoms: he was hospitalized after experiencing appendicitis on top of covid-19 infection. He had to undergo appendix surgery to deal with the problem. The surgery on Monday was successful, and […]

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First Korean-American Woman Confirmed to U.S. Court of Appeals

On Monday, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm the appointment of Lucy H. Koh to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. She is the first Korean-American woman to be serving as a federal appellate judge in U.S. history. Pres. Biden announced the appointment in September 2021. Most recently, Judge Koh served as […]

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Church Clinic: How to reduce the gap from Church’s need with Pandemic

처치클리닉 11월 강좌 보도내용- “건강한교회? Needs와 결과의 gap를 줄여가라.” ‘교회 함께 가자’ 처치클리닉(대표 손기성 목사)은 지난 22일(월) 저녁 7:30분 “교회, 건강하십니까”를 주제로 박순종 목사(뉴질랜드로토루아갈릴리교회 담임)가 Zoom 을 통해 온라인 강의를 진행했다. 박목사는 OEC 컨설팅 프로그램을 통해 교회가 건강하게 사역을 감당할 수 있는 방법을 제시했다. 또한 강의 중간 참석한 목회자들과 질의 응답시간을 통해 각 교회에서 적용가능한 부분들을 찾았다. OEC 컨설팅 프로그램을 통해 […]