50-Year-Old Woman Crashes Popeyes

A Georgia woman by the name of Belinda Miller (50) crashed into a Popeyes restaurant, making headline news locally to nationwide. Belinda found her favorite biscuits missing from her order at Popeyes after she opened up her food. The incident happened last Saturday around 7:45 p.m. Richmond County sheriff’s deputies in Augusta responded to an accident with injuries.

The restaurant manager told deputies that Ms. Miller drove her SUV into the east entrance after she became upset that her order did not have any biscuits. Miller’s order was corrected after her complaint, and she received biscuits prior to the incident, but she “was still not happy,” prior to the incident, Miller made several threats to staff, even calling and threatening to drive her car into the building,” According to USA Today.

One of the employees was standing by the entrance and was almost struck by the car during the incident, noted the deputies. Miller continuously hit the building until her car was stopped by debris, according to the arrest warrant. After crashing into the restaurant, Miller fled from the scene. Her car was later found at her home with front and end damage.

Miller was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault and criminal damage to property in the first degree.

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Is Loudoun County the Next K-Restaurant Spot?

Since K-Pop has become more famous around the world, K-Restaurants are booming all around the globe. From Korean fusion snacking restaurants to K-style bakeries located in northern Virginia, these places are crowded especially at meal times. Paris Baguette is one of them. Paris Baguette has reportedly begun searching for a business location in Loudoun County. One might expect Shilla Bakery to follow suit, as Northern Virginia is home to a big Korean population.

Korean-owned companies are prone to compete in the business field which comes from the Korean culture where competition has always been notoriously fierce, from as young as pre-schoolers to death.

Paris Baguette bakery is slightly more expensive than Shilla Bakery, but its decor is more modern, and its food, equally so. Shilla Bakery’s breads are more traditional or familiar to the generation of Koreans who grew up in the 70s and 80s, whereas Paris Baguette is more appealing to the younger generation due to its experimental nature.

That being said, as the price of living in Loudoun county is quite high, if the prices reflect this, Koreans and other K-food-loving folks might go to the cheaper stores in Centreville or Fairfax, and the stores should keep this in mind when pricing their foods. No one wants a reputation of being exceedingly highly-priced as that will drive down demand.

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The Moon Festival Concert is coming to DMV

The Chinese Culture Institute and Asian American Chamber of Commerce will host the mid-autumn festival concert with the Asian American Chamber of Commerce Foundation at the Capital One Hall in Tysons Corner, at 7 p.m. on September 17, 2022.

Most Asian countries celebrate their traditional harvest festival in the fall, similar to Thanksgiving day in the U.S. September 10 is Chusuk in Korea, and Mid-Autumn in China, Japan, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asia countries. The day is filled with celebration of good harvest, marked by special foods, family gatherings, music performances, and cultural games.

This Mid-Autumn Festival Concert celebrates families and togetherness, as well as the pursuit of harmony, joy, and unity as Asian-Americans. The featured performing groups include the Taiwanese Chamber Orchestra of the District of Columbia, JUB Cultural Center, Feitian College Middletown, Julia Meixuan Music Studio, and Cheng Song Drum.

Further information is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Chinese Culture Institute at contact@cc-i.org.

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Homicide rises in Washington D.C. and Children’s health concern

As of June 23, 2022, Homicides are rising in Washington D.C. and it is having an impact on children’s health, physically and psychologically. As Children are less safe while they are playing outside, after school. As such, most of the children remain stuck in their houses. In recent years, parents fear unexpected events happening in their kid’s schools and playgrounds.

In less than half a year, 80 homicides occurred, and only 33% of cases resolved to date. According to DCHomicides.com, children who live in the Southeast, Northeast, and Central zone of D.C. are prone to get exposed to the crimes.

Homicide methods are by gun (69 cases), knife (7), and others (4). Average victims’ ages are 35 and the average arrestee’s age is 29.

Recently, A 15-year-old teenage boy was shot and died at the scene of a small musical event, where he called his mother before death. No one could help him despite there being a crowd, other than a wounded police officer.

Why do we hear about homicide news which is related to gun violence every single day? Don’t we have any solutions? Do we have any preventive programs? IF there are no healthy children, there will be no healthy future.


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Two people Fall into a Chocolate Tank, Requiring Rescue

On Thursday, The Mars Wrigley factory in Pennsylvania stopped its operation due to an incident involving two people who fell into a tank full of chocolate. Obviously, two people were rescued by the team of Lancaster County 911.

According to CNN, two people were transported to the local hospital. One of them was rescued by helicopter.

The extent of their injuries is unknown.

“Fire crews have eliminated pulling them straight out of a tank,” Brad Wolfe, communications supervisor for Lancaster County 911 dispatch, told CNN earlier on Thursday. “They have to cut a hole in the side of the tank to get them out,” he said.

Wolfe said that it’s unclear how the people fell into the chocolate tank. No injuries have been reported at this time, according to Wolfe.

A Mars Wrigley spokesperson told CNN: “We are actively managing the situation and our primary focus is supporting emergency teams on site.”

Chocolate factory incidents have happened from leaking chocolate from the factory to covering the street in Germany in 2018, and ‘Chocolate snow’ falls in the Swiss town after the Lindt Chocolate factory explosion in 2020 in recent history. Many chocolate factories are located in Pennsylvania including Hershey Chocolate factory.


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More Kung Fu Tea Coming to Loudoun County, Virginia

The famous chain boba tea store, Kung Fu Tea will be opening more stores in Loudoun County. The first store will be arriving at Loudoun Station development off Shellhorn Road in Ashburn. There will be 4 more in Loudoun.

The Other areas involved include: Diamond Lake Drive next to the Lansdowne Town Center, Ashburn Village Shopping Center, and at the Dulles Landing shopping center near Stone Ridge.

Unknown Chemical at One of the Largest Poultry Plant has People Quitting

Mountaire Farms poultry plant in Robeson County, North Carolina is currently seeing high number of people quitting, and it isn’t the Coronavirus.

Instead, people have been complaining of a new unknown chemical that they’d begun smelling since about 4 months ago. The chemical is unidentified, but the workers have complained that it causes a sharp, suffocating kind of odor that seems like it is “invading your brain,” according to a worker at the plant.

The chemical is reported to be stinging to the eyes and throat, as well as burning in the nasal cavity. Many are now struggling with headaches, sneezes, as well as mucus secretion and sore throat. Some workers have suggested that it is in the water with the chickens because when the mist gets into the eyes is when it stings like acid.

Poultry plants are considered to be inherently dangerous workplaces which can lower some liability, OSHA still requires the plants to properly manage risks associated with chemical use which is needed to clean and prepare massive amount of chicken carcasses every day. After the bird is slaughtered, its feathers and internals removed, the remaining meat is washed, inspected, and chilled for shipping later. Chicken is usually washed with chlorine and other disinfectants to reduce pathogens like salmonella and campylobacter, along with Peracetic acid, which is used to kill or inhibit pathogen growth.

The washing process usually involves spraying chemicals either as spray or wash, or as part of water-chilling process to lower temperature. This procedure was banned by the EU in 1997 and has led to end of importation of chicken to Europe, but it is still fine in the U.S.

The Mountaire Farms’ Lumber Bridge plant has regularly processed 540,000 chickens a day. In 2009, a fatal ammonia gas leak killed one and injured three workers. The state regulators cited the company with 20 workplace violations. In 2015, the plant was implicated with salmonella outbreak in two states, which led to recall of 1.7 million pounds of chicken.

North Carolina is ranked as the worst in the nation for wage polices, worker protections, and right to organize according to OxFam America.

The new chemical remains unidentified.

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Alcohol Linked to More than 740,000 Cancer Cases in 2020

Currently, only 33% of Americans recognize alcohol as a cause of cancer. Harriet Rumgay, a researcher at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, explained that this awareness is about the average as other high-income countries as other parts of the world might be even less aware.

Approximately 4% of the world’s newly diagnosed cases of esophageal, mouth, larynx, colon, rectum, liver, and breast cancers in 2020 (741,300 people) is attributable to drinking alcohol; 3/4 of the alcohol-related cancers are males. Of the 1/4 females developing cancer, the majority were breast cancers. Research has quantified the risk; even relatively low levels of alcohol adds to the risk of new cancer cases.

Ethanol, for example, is a form of alcohol that breaks down to a known carcinogen called acetaldehyde, known to damage DNA and interfering with the cells’ ability to repair the damage. Alcohol can also increase hormones, such as estrogen, which signal cells to grow and divide. As more cells are created, so are more possibilities for cancerous cell division.

Alcohol also can prevent the body from absorbing certain nutrients known to help prevent cancer, such as vitamins A, C, D, E, and folate.

When a person engages in drinking and smoking, this will indirectly increase the risk of cancer, as the alcohol works to make it easier for the body to absorb the toxins in cigarettes; the more a person drinks, the more biological damage the person can expect.

The data was obtained using estimated global alcohol consumption estimates, specific cancer risks from alcohol, and global incidence of those cancers in 2020. To define what number counts in drinking, approximately 2 to 6 drinks a day equates to risk to heavy drinking. Moderate drinking is 2 or fewer drinks a day, but even that accounted for 14% (103,000 cases) of alcohol-related cancers.

The estimated number is a conservative one, as the study excluded former drinkers in the main analysis; they only looked at countrywide estimates of current drinkers and only at cancers where risk factor has been scientifically shown to increase with alcohol use. Cancers where alcohol use is only lightly suggested to be a link, such as pancreatic or stomach cancers, were not included.

The highest proportions of alcohol-related cancers were found in Moldova and Romania, but due to recent tax reforms, this number might drop. Emerging markets such as China, India, and Vietnam may likely see an increase in alcohol-related cancers as financial growth makes alcohol consumption easier. The lowest rates of alcohol-related cancers were found in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where alcohol use is banned.

Alcohol might feel like a momentary escape from the stress of the present moment, but it can leave you in a much worse state than before, in more ways than one. An embarrassing hangover might be the least of your worries.


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Ransomeware Attacks Meat Availability in North America

A criminal organization based in Russia attacked Brazil’s JBS SA with ransomware to disrupt its meat production. This Brazilian company produces meat for importation into North America and Australia.

The White House deputy press Karine Jean-Pierre said the company notified the Biden administration on Sunday. Jean-Pierre said the administration has offered assistance to the company and that JBS told the White House the ransom demand came from a criminal organization “likely based in Russia.” She said the White House is engaging with the Russian government and is “delivering the message that responsible states don’t harbor ransomware criminals.”

Last month, ransomware attacked a gas pipeline resulting in shortages on the East Coast and created a mass gas hike in Northeastern states. The White House has reached out to the Russian government, and the FBI is currently investigating to find the culprits.

If this problem is not solved then consumers will have to find alternative ways of consuming protein, such as eating beans and seafood instead.

JBS controls about 20% of the slaughtering capacity for U.S. cattle and hogs, and it’s headquartered in Greenley, Colorado. The company has stopped production and JBS Beef in Cactus, Texas has also stopped its production according to its Facebook post. JBS, the world’s largest meatpacker, and production company have also stopped operations in Australia.

JBS said,  “On Sunday, May 30, JBS USA determined that it was the target of an organized cybersecurity attack, affecting some of the servers supporting its North American and Australian IT systems.”

The company also explained that “Resolution of the incident will take time, which may delay certain transactions with customers and suppliers,” and “the backup servers were not affected.”

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Beating Summer 2020 with this recipe: Focaccia bread

Unexpectedly in 2020, we have met in the midst of horrid pandemic, the COVID-19, It impacts our ordinary lives and has ruined our social, economic, entertainments, and all enjoyments. We emptied the toilet tissue and paper towel shelves at the groceries, and we had to line up in front of the big stores to purchase such simple items. People in North America have had to stay at home mandatorily since the second week of March.

This period of time, we experienced the pros and cons of staying home.

I, the writer, stopped writing novels, and rather, started cooking and other things that I was interested in but had no time to do that in my regular time.

So today, I introduce this focaccia recipe for you all to try at home, while beating the stress of being limited to a certain lifestyle this year. I hope you enjoy it with your lovely ones.

Focaccia bread


  1. All purpose flour 3cups
  2. Sea salt 1 tbs
  3. Brown sugar 1/2 cup
  4. Yeast 1ts
  5. Olive oil


  1. Mix All purpose flour, salt, sugar, yeast mix with warm water (40 c) and make dough.
  2. Proof the dough for 20 minutes with covering lid or saran lap.
  3. Fold the dough left to right and down to up like stretching dough. Every time you fold the dough mix some olive oil in the dough to give moisture and make it glutenous.
  4. Proof the dough for 30 minutes.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for four times.
  6. Shape (poking dough with fingers) and proof for 20 minutes.
  7. Preheat the oven at Fahrenheit 500 or Celsius 260 degrees.
  8. Lower the temperature to Fahrenheit 460 or Celsius 238 and put the dough into the oven.
  9. Bake it for 12-14 minutes, then flip the bread pan Fahrenheit 360, Celsius 180 degrees to bake the other side for 12-14 minutes equally.
  10. Remove from the oven, put garlic salt and herbs sprinkles on the top of bread and cool the bread.

Enjoy with avocado and fried egg on the top of the bread and a cup of coffee or a cup of almond milk for breakfast to start a brand new day!


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