Gabby Petito was Murdered, says Coroner

Human remains found at a Wyoming national park was identified as that of Gabby Petito, a vlogger recently reported missing after she went out on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend.

Teton County Coroner Brent Blue determined that Petito was a homicide victim but did not disclose a cause of death pending final autopsy results. Her body was found Sunday near an undeveloped camping area along the border of Grand Teton National park in Wyoming.

The authorities continued to search around the swamp area of her boyfriend Brian Laundrie’s home but found nothing. However, on Monday, FBI did go to Laundrie’s parents’ home in North Port to remove several boxes and a car that Laundrie’s mother typically used.

Laundrie is currently a person of interest in the case, but he has disappeared and it is unclear where he is.

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Scientists develop solar cells for windows

Most agree that solar power is the next “big thing” when it comes to energy. With potentially infinite amount of energy that can be generated thanks to the Sun with relatively limited negative impact on the climate change, solar power has been something heavily in development.

However, as it has been until now, solar panels require an excessive amount of space and silicon, which is currently known to be the most efficient material for solar panels, is not transparent. This is a problem as based on energy use distribution, cities consume the most amount of energy but lack the space to generate that electricity based on current capabilities.

However, scientists have now developed a new transparent solar panel based on organic or carbon-based material to be used as window-friendly solar panels. Published in the science journal, Nature Communcications, the panel uses molecules that move photogenerated electrons to the electrodes, called non-fullerene acceptors. These acceptors when incorporated with sulfur, can reach efficiencies of 18% but have a short lifespan.

However, Yongxi Li (first author) have since figured out how to strengthen the non-fullerene acceptors; specifically, it would need to block off UV rays by adding a coating of zinc oxide, a sunscreen component on the side facing the Sun.

Then, the researchers added carbon-based material called IC-SAM as a buffer to solve this issue, and added another buffer layer in a form of fullerene shaped like a soccer ball.

Then they tested this new panel, from 1 sun to 27 suns, and temperatures as high as 65 degrees celsius. Result? These new solar cells would function at 80% efficiency after 30 years based on declination of performance.

Furthermore, these materials can be prepared as liquids, so the manufacturing and transportation costs might be incredibly lower than the current silicon-based solar panels. Thus, it might increase feasibility for wide scale use in large skyscrapers, but also on residential properties.

It is an exciting day for solar power and global energy self-sufficiency.

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Gabby Petito’s Body Found and Social Media Collects Evidence

Photo captured from Gabby’s brother’s youtube
Petito, 22, and Laundrie, 23, left New York in the middle of July to head West with their van. Petito posted photos and stories to their social media pages with the hashtag #vanlife.
In late August, their postings completely stopped. Petito’s fiance Laundrie returned to his home in Florida without Petito on September 1.
When they stopped at Moab, Utah, a passerby called 911 and told an operator that he wanted to report a domestic dispute and described a white van with a Florida license plate, as provided In the audio from the Grand County Sherriff’s Office in Utah to CNN.
“We drove by and the gentleman was slapping the girl,” the caller said, “Then we stopped. They ran up and down the sidewalk. He proceeded to hit her, hopped in the car, and they drove off.”
Police later stopped the couple.
On the video camera, Petito was emotionally unstable and told the officer that Laundrie slapped Petito during an altercation.
On September 11, Petito’s parents couldn’t contact their daughter and reported their daughter missing. Laundrie immediately sought out help from an attorney and refused to participate in the search effort, according to police.
Since then, Petito’s story has become a headline in the daily news and social media. Everyone is focused on “Justice for Petito” worldwide, with many collecting funds and attempting to solve the case. From her brother to many unknown SNS bloggers and the worldwide Youtubers, everyone hopes to be the first to solve this case by combing through Petito’s social media network.
Last Tuesday, Laundrie went missing and Petito’s remain was found at the Spread Creek area of the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming on Sunday.
FBI and Investigators have issued search warrants to search Landerie’s Florida home and an ongoing searching operation has been established for the investigation.
An autopsy for human remains is scheduled to be held on Tuesday.

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California says “YES” to Gov. Gavin Newsom Again

After several months of campaigning for a recall and the recall itself, California Gov. Gavin Newsom defeated the recall on Tuesday’s election. The overwhelmingly Democratic state showed support for Newsom, and a healthy turnout prevented the Governor from losing his governorship.

With two-thirds of ballots counted so far, “no” on whether to recall Newsom is ahead by 30-point margin, which was built on votes cast by mail and in advance of Tuesday’s in-person balloting. The Republicans’ candidate was talk radio host Larry Elder, but as of now, it seems he will not be affecting politics more than as a radio show host.

The recall questioned Newsom’s approach to the pandemic including mask and vaccine mandates, with at least some of the intent going into the questioning of the effect of Trumpism and whether the state had enough turnover to defeat the supermajority of Democratic strength in the state. The recall results seem to indicate this is not true. In fact, despite Republican hopes that the frustration over pandemic precautions would drive voters away from Democrats, and they certainly could have expected such result, as the Republicans won back at least 4 U.S. House seats last year. But unlike the federal elections, state recall showed itself to be a different matter entirely, as Democrats outnumber Republicans almost 2-to-1 in California, so the results may not translate to something specific to the state such as governor recall.

Trump attempted to argue that the election was rigged, echoed by Elder’s campaign; however, Elder himself did not mention of fraud.

He is the second governor of U.S. history to defeat a recall, which is likely going to continue to show him as a key figure in the Democratic party. Furthermore, Newsom’s competition had some public recognition, but failed to gain traction with voters. Elder’s opposition to the minimum wage and abortion rights was marketed by the Democratic party as being out of touch with Californian values. Caitlyn Jenner also made some publicity but gained very little momentum and left the state to film a reality show in Australia instead.

Newsom is up for a reelection next year, and while the president and other prominent Democrats supported Newsom, Republicans have mainly kept their distance.

Some believe that Newsom has potentials for the White House, although VP Harris’ own ambitions might need to be considered as a native from San Francisco.

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Nicholas hits Texas and heads to Louisiana for a Double Dip

Photo captured from

After strengthening into a Category 1 hurricane on early Tuesday, Nicholas brough the coastal cities of Texas flooding and electricity outage. Nicholas is still pouring heavy rain, strong wind, roaming around Texas, and is heading towards Louisiana.

Now a category 2 hurricane, Nicholas hit Matagorda bay with wind gusts as high as 95 mph and brought 6 to 8 inches of rainfall leading to flooding in east Texas, especially Houston and Galveston areas from Monday to Wednesday. More than 500,000 residents in Texas are without power. It is now heading to Louisiana and the southern part of Mississippi, including areas that are currently struggling to recover from Ida.

Nicholas is currently headed towards the Carolinas and then will climb up the coastline.

These natural disasters have brought severe weather and brought devastation upon the areas as they’ve become a sort of ground zero for severe weather patterns. That being said, the energy company managing the electricity distribution in the gulf coast plans to restore electricity to the heaviest hit area before the end of September.

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Church Clinic: 처치클리닉 9월 오픈강좌

대영박물관에서 만나는 성경의 역사와 부흥

“한 번만 보고 들어도 성경이 달라진다”

‘교회 함께 가자’ 처치클리닉 (손기성 목사)은 9월 27일(월) 저녁 7:30분 오픈강좌를 진행한다. 9월 강좌의 주제는 “대영박물관에서 만나는 성경의 역사와 부흥”이다. 강사는 황상일 선교사다. 황선교사는 대영박물관 속에 수 많은 역사적인 유물가운데 성경의 이야기를 이해하고 풀어가도록 돕는 것들이 너무 많다는 것을 발견하고 연구하기 시작했다. 무려 50번이상 박물관을 방문하며 수 많은 자료들을 수집하여 연구해 냈다.

손 목사는 강의를 위해 영국을 방문했을 때 황선교사님으로 부터 대영박물관에서 성경의 역사적 사실들을 소개받고, 성경의 역사뿐 아니라 당시 시대의 유물을 보면서 가슴뜨거워지는 은혜를 느꼈다. 그래서 목사님들이 대영박물관에 방문하셔서 직접 역사적인 현장을 보고 설명을 들을 수 있으면 좋겠다는 생각을 했다. 그러나 그렇 수 없는 상황의 목사님들이 많기 때문에 영상으로라도 황선교사님을 모시고 꼭 내가 경험한 대영박물관에서의 감동을 나누었으면 좋겠다싶어서 모셨다.”고 소개했다.

손목사는 “성경을 연구하는 목회자 뿐아니라 일반 성도들도 성경에 관심을 가지고 계시거나, 성경이 역사적 사실임을 확인하길 바라시는 분들 누구나 참여하시면 좋겠다”고 전했다.

참가비는 없으며 온라인 강좌로 진행되기 때문에 사전 접수가 필요하다.

접수는 [email protected]나 카톡아이디 churchclinic으로 하면 된다. 문의 703.334.7602.

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Surfside Condo Victims’ Identities Stolen

After Surfside Condo collapsed on June 24, 2021, the deceased victims’ credit cards have been used at expensive stores by fraudsters; however, the team of thieves behind the fraud was arrested for these crimes. According to News 10, detectives with search warrants found blank checks, birth certificates, photos, and machines to create credit cards, including those with embossed names on them.

“When we executed the search warrant, many things were found,” Surfside police Sgt. Marian Cruz said. “Detectives found large quantities of mail and credit cards, all in the names of the victims. Credit card-making equipment was also located, along with designer shoes and handbags, narcotics and even a firearm.”

Almost 98 people died and many were injured when the condo complex collapsed, one of the suspects, Garcia-Medina said one officer from the Surfside police department when he was arrested, “I am innocent” on the officer’s body camera. However, He was accused of using the one of victim’s credit cards to buy his $130 pair of shoes.

Garcia-Medina’s sister, Betsy Alejandra Cacho-Medina (30) was arrested along with other two suspects, Kimberly Michelle Johnson (34), Rodney Choute (38) yesterday. The mall surveillance video shows them using stolen credit cards to buy their stuff at the Aventura Mall.

If they are convicted of this crime, they could face 15-30 years in prison, according to Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. Investigators and law enforcement are chasing more suspects related to these schemes and are asking for the public’s help.


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A week after Ida, Another Storm Heading to the East Coast

Captured from

According to, another storm will pass through the Northeast coast and bring heavy rain causing flash floods in the region which is currently struggling to recover from Ida. Ida brought the death toll of more than 50, and the rescue mission, recovery, and clean works are still ongoing in Louisiana, New York, and New Jersey.

A major highway in Philadelphia was filled with water and homes collapsed in New Jersey due to heavy rainfall. Subway stations overflowed in New York. Apartment complexes collapsed in Maryland and stranded residents.

This storm will stop by Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., then all the way to Montreal, and Quebec, Canada. On its way, this storm will visit Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey. Maybe the entirety of Vermont could encounter severe weather. More than 65 million are likely to experience this severe weather by the end of Wednesday night. This storm already brought multiple strong thunderstorms and tornadoes on Tuesday in the Great Lakes region.

The Accuweather forecast says there is not only a risk of flash flooding but also hail with damaging winds from this storm up to 75 mph. At this point, there has been more than the average rainfall in regions near New York (300%), Boston, and Washington, D.C. (200%) area from Ida and other storms already.

A severe weather warning has been issued in Northern Virginia, and the storm will pass around 11 PM and for safety, the residents who are affected should hunker down at home and watch for the weather conditions. After this storm is gone, we may have the autumn temperatures and conditions.


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Influenza season is here, don’t delay getting vaccinated

Last year, the flu season was not an impactful event. That’s because Americans wore masks, schools were closed, many workplaces allowed or recommended working from home, and maintained a 6-foot social distance to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this year is different, as many children are hospitalized due to coronavirus spread from exposure in public spaces and schools. As the Delta strain is shaking the United States once again, it would be good to get vaccinated against the flu in advance and build up immunity.

Especially those who are high risk and vulnerable to flu: such as folks over 65 years old, those with chronic health conditions like asthma, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and chronic kidney diseases. These folks need to get the flu shot or sprays as soon as possible as recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to lower the risk of the impact of flu.

For 2021-2022, CDC recommends the use of any licensed, age-appropriate flu vaccine as an option for vaccination this season.

These include:

  • Flu shots that are made with inactivated viruses.
  • One flu shot that is made without influenza viruses.
  • A live attenuated influenza vaccine, which is given by nasal spray.

Flu vaccination has important benefits. It can reduce flu illnesses, doctors’ visits, and missed work and school due to flu, as well as hospitalizations and deaths.

Different flu vaccines are approved for use in different groups of people.

There are flu shots approved for use in children as young as 6 months old and flu shots approved for use in adults 65 years and older. Flu shots also are recommended for pregnant people and people with certain chronic health conditions.

The nasal spray flu vaccine is approved for use in non-pregnant people who are 2 years through 49 years of age. People who are pregnant and people with certain medical conditions should not receive the nasal spray flu vaccine.

There are many vaccine options to choose from. The most important thing is for all people 6 months and older to get a flu vaccine every year; although most folks are eligible and should receive the vaccine, there are those who actually cannot take the vaccine, and they will need herd immunity to protect them.

Flu vaccines are covered by most insurances and if you go to the local pharmacy, you should be able to receive one based on availability.


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Louisiana Struggles from Slow Recovery Post-Ida

Hurricane Ida was a category 4 when it hit Louisiana on Sunday. Since then, New Orleans and its surrounding areas have been devastated by flooding and strong winds; Houma, for example, saw most of its residences completely destroyed as a result of being within Ida’s eye.

As of today, New Orleans is still without power, it is running out of gas, and water and food are becoming scarce. While the City’s mayor and police chief are confident that everything is under control, this is not entirely true, as only parts of the city has power restored, while in the city’s Lower Ninth Ward, the area has been without power since Sunday. Not only do they lack electricity, they also do not have cell reception, meaning if of the folks living in the area needs emergency services, they are not likely to be able to receive them.

There are currently seven known deaths linked to Ida in the tri-state area. Two power company employees died on Tuesday while they were working with downed power lines in Jefferson County in Alabama; the presumed cause of death is carbon monoxide poisoning due to increased use of generator in the area.

As of Wednesday, out of the 985,000 customers in Louisiana, only 11,500 customers have had their electricity restored; Energy, the largest provider of electricity in the state, has confirmed restoration of electricity in neighborhoods including New Orleans East, an impoverished area hit heavily with winds and rain during Ida’s stay. Despite the confirmation of electricity restoration, much of the area remained dark; possible reason having to do with evacuation and empty homes.

The problem for those that stayed in New Orleans area for whatever reason, is that along with the electricity outage, the short supply of gas, food, and water, the heat index was around 100 all week. It is simply too hot, and at night, it is pitch dark. Some of the residents have had to pool their food to share. The residents are concerned that whatever food they did save for the storm might spoil before they are able to obtain more; there is no ice in the area either.

FEMA has sent help to the area and has been shown to be more active in providing assistance than it had during hurricane Katrina. However, FEMA deputy administrator made it clear that FEMA is not a first responder, but a supporter of the state.

Death toll will continue to climb, officials say, and the governor has warned the folks not to return, as the infrastructures are not operating right now. This is true, given that less than 1 percent of the area has electricity, there is no water or food, and there is very little gas.

President Biden plans to visit the area on Friday.

Furthermore, the use of generators may also be causing carbon monoxide poisonings, and residents have been told to stay as far away from generators to prevent getting sick or dying form carbon monoxide that is released through the use of generators.

At the moment, help seems far away, and restoration might not come fast enough for most of these folks. Although slightly better off than during Katrina, Ida has yet again left a big impact on the city and its surrounding areas.


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