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China Locks 30,000 People in Disneyland after 1 Positive Covid Test

According to reports, one woman either tested positive for Covid or came into contact with someone who had it prior to visiting Disneyland in Shanghai. The Chinese government officials then locked everyone into the park, which were about 30,000 visitors, and forced them to test negative before they were allowed to leave. AP reported that all 33,863 people at the park tested negative.

Disneyland is set to remain closed until Tuesday, and it plans to refund the tickets and notify the guests as soon as possible for confirmed date for reopening.

China is enforcing highly restrictive policies on its citizens as it continues to deal with Covid pandemic woes. For example, visitors must quarantine for three weeks upon arrival, two more weeks after recovery, and holding ships at port until all crew are tested. The massive testing done at Disneyland is just another one of those restrictions. At the moment, 14 of the provinces in China are affected by these measures. There are cinema closures in Beijing which some analysts believe will impact the new Bond movie “No Time to Die” to perform a little worse than expected.

As Beijing also prepares for the 2022 Winter Olympics, it is especially tight on keeping the lid on Covid-19. Thus, there are more than 14 million people currently under quarantine.

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