Winter Storm Preparation : Start this Weekend to Next Week

From West to East, the US will encounter severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter blizzards due to the Jet stream hanging on the North American continent. This storm will carry heavy rain to the west coast and northwest to snow to the east, national weather casting predicts.

As the storm builds up from time to time, the storm character will be gradually violent and vicious along with the Lake effect in the Rockies to the Great Plains, and Mississippi Valley by early next week.

Warm and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico moves northward gaining the power to bring thunderstorms, and tornadoes over the South Central states early next week. At least 50 tornadoes will land in the Central states. Also, the Greenland Arctic air will be blocked by high pressure, leading to the first snow in some Northeast states next week.

This frigid air will be hovering over south-central Canada for days and gradually move southward by the strengthening storm that it was being built already.

On the frozen road under the deep fog in Washington State, I-90 was a total disaster by the 30 cars pileup after car crashes happening on Wednesday.

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