Trump Locked out of Twitter after “Proud Boys” storm the Capitol

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, Twitter finally locked Pres. Trump’s Twitter account, preventing him from posting messages, after he published a string of inaccurate and inflammatory tweets during a protest turned riot in Washington, DC. The protesters stormed the US capitol in the early afternoon of January 6, 2021.

Twitter said it would lock Pres. Trump’s account for 12 hours and threatened to extend the ban if he did not erase his tweets inciting violence and rejection of election results.

His account may be permanently deleted if he continues violating Twitter’s policies by continuing his behaviors.

Twitter has made this decision based on the calculation that his current rhetoric was simply too violent and the risk of harm greater than keeping his account alive.

This move follows after the pro-Trump mob stormed the capitol building, which has led to several officers injured and one woman dead from a gunshot on Wednesday afternoon.

He has been consistently calling the election fraudulent since his loss in November.

Social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook had been under fire by people and Congress alike for their refusal to address “fake news” or inaccurate information. They had been reluctant, but with today’s violence, could no longer hide behind the privateness of their platforms.

That being said, those researching online movements have noted that such violence is the result of people operating in closed social media networks where many conspiracy theories can get out of hand with no fact check to quell the conspiracy theories.

Many Trump supporters continue to believe that violence was incited by the left wing rather than their own supporters that stormed the Capitol building, only adding fuel to the conspiracy fire.

That being said, once Trump leaves office, the social networks are freer to deal with Mr. Trump as they see fit. For example, Twitter has already released a statement that once Mr. Trump leaves office, he would be treated like any regular user; however, until January 21, the pressure continues.

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