Is Loudoun County the Next K-Restaurant Spot?

Since K-Pop has become more famous around the world, K-Restaurants are booming all around the globe. From Korean fusion snacking restaurants to K-style bakeries located in northern Virginia, these places are crowded especially at meal times. Paris Baguette is one of them. Paris Baguette has reportedly begun searching for a business location in Loudoun County. One might expect Shilla Bakery to follow suit, as Northern Virginia is home to a big Korean population.

Korean-owned companies are prone to compete in the business field which comes from the Korean culture where competition has always been notoriously fierce, from as young as pre-schoolers to death.

Paris Baguette bakery is slightly more expensive than Shilla Bakery, but its decor is more modern, and its food, equally so. Shilla Bakery’s breads are more traditional or familiar to the generation of Koreans who grew up in the 70s and 80s, whereas Paris Baguette is more appealing to the younger generation due to its experimental nature.

That being said, as the price of living in Loudoun county is quite high, if the prices reflect this, Koreans and other K-food-loving folks might go to the cheaper stores in Centreville or Fairfax, and the stores should keep this in mind when pricing their foods. No one wants a reputation of being exceedingly highly-priced as that will drive down demand.

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