DUI Driver Switches Seat with Dog After Police Stop

Photo from Google images

A piece of news got the attention of viewers all over the world today, and in a way, its delightfulness helps us with a breather in an otherwise bleak world. This Colorado man made many people smile, and it went viral in many news outlets and media.

A driver in Colorado was pulled over by an officer and the driver was in fact intoxicated at the time of the incident. He quickly swapped his seat with his passenger-side pal, his dog, and he himself sat down passenger seat after being pulled over by the officer. He drove 52 mph in a 30 mph zone, according to CBS, The driver claimed that he was not driving the car.  He ran away from the officer, and he was apprehended 20 yards away from the scene at the end.

The man has two warrants for his arrest in Pueblo, Colorado, and was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, driving while ability impaired, driving under suspension, speeding 20-24 over, and resisting arrest. The incident happened at 11:30 p.m. last Saturday.

He was booked in the Baca County Jail after he was checked with an accompanying officer at the local hospital. His friend will take care of the dog while he is held behind bars in the meantime.

“The dog does not face any charges and was let go with just a warning,” they joked on the Facebook of the Springfield Police Department, Colorado. The department said that the investigation is ongoing and all parties are still innocent until proven guilty.

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Chat GPT or Bard, Fight for the top AI

Chatbots are becoming the next search engine. People have become familiar with using the tool, bragging that Chat GPT helped them with homework or pass examinations and dissertations. This has been an ongoing thing since the early 20th century and finally coming to fruition for tech moguls and investors.

Since November 30, 2022, more than a million people have jumped into the new and more developed chatbot, ChatGPT.

According to CBC.CAnews, ChatGPT by OpenAI is available as a “research preview” to the public for now. It allows users to enter questions or tasks into a textbox — whether it’s asking it to write a poem, song lyrics, or computer code — and it’ll output copy or code that’s passable as a human.

“I think it’ll be a slow process, but I do think a lot of people are going to be interested in creativity or creative work product that is written by AI as opposed to humans,” said Maura Grossman, a research professor with the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo who studies AI ethics, among other things.

Microsoft and other tech companies invested in OpenAI for a while Google quietly developed a chatbot called Bard. Of course, these new developments are not foolproof; OpenAI shut down temporarily on Monday due to reports of bugs that allowed some users to see titles of other users’ chat histories, for example.

Google started Bard as a webpage on its own rather than sourcing it off of its search engine and leads users to get more detailed information from Googling lists. Microsoft, the one of larger investors of OpenAI, added a similar chatbot to its Bing internet search engine to challenge Google. Google has dominated the “search engine” for 20 years, but Microsoft hopes to take over with Bing’s new AI chatbot.

Many other chatbots are coming into the very competitive tech world, who will be at the top of the world, we don’t know yet, but we all have been watching them as spectators or runners in that space and hope that the one with the most reliable information wins out for the betterment of society and minimization of harm.

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Car-related Crime Soars in DC; even Police Cars are Unsafe

Recently, car-related crimes have surged in DC metropolitan areas, as evidenced by teens’ “Kia Challange” going on around the DMV area.

This time, the carjacking happened at 12:20 a.m. Monday at the Dupont Circle neighborhood. According to DC Police, the victim encountered a group of men armed with multiple cars. They got out of their vehicles, pointed guns at him, and stole the victim’s Porsche.

The stolen car is a gray 2013 Porsche Cayenne. Police didn’t release the suspect’s photos, videos, or the victim’s information.

Mayor Bowser joined with MPD on Feb. 23 to offer free steering wheel locks to District residents. Starting on Feb. 24, residents who own a 2011-2021 Kia or Hyundai vehicle became eligible to receive a carlock from a nearby MPD District station, as part of a partnership agreement with Kia and Hyundai. The move followed a social media challenge that encouraged car thieves to use a USB cable to steal these types of cars, leading to a significant upswing in such thefts. according to Georgetowner.com.

“Car theft is a serious problem – it’s incredibly stressful and often costly and time-consuming for the victims, and it’s dangerous to have these stolen cars on the road,” said Mayor Bowser. “I encourage all D.C. residents who own a 2011-2021 Kia or Hyundai to pick up their free steering wheel locks as soon as possible from a District station to prevent theft. As MPD and our public safety partners work together to prevent car theft and hold accountable those who are stealing cars in our city, this is one way we can work together to proactively prevent crime.”

D.C. Police patrol cars were also vandalized over the weekend in front of their downtown police headquarters by a person. According to a police report, after calling for help, the caller smashed the headlights and taillights of a marked van and cruiser.

If you have Kia or Hyundai 2013-2023 models, you can get free software updates to protect your car from these heinous criminals at your local dealership.

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M 5.7 Earthquake Jolts the Ground Already in Flood Aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle Hits In New Zealand

Photo captured from USGS

A magnitude of 5.7 earthquakes struck the Cook Strait by New Zealand on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023. In the aftermath of the cyclone, Gabrielle hits the country disabled by the landslides and flooding. New Zealand’s National Emergency Management Center tweeted that the shake was “widely felt in the North Island.” There were no immediate reports of damage or injury and no tsunami warning.

According to USGS, The location of New Zealand is the “3000 km long Australia-Pacific Plate boundary” extending from south of Macquarie Island to the southern-Kermadec Island chain which is two oppositely verging subduction zones (Puysegur and Hikurangi) and a transpressive continental transform, the Alpine Fault through South Island, New Zealand.

Due to the transformation of the tectonic plates, convergence, and subduction activities have occurred. The Kermadec-Tonga subduction zone generates many large earthquakes on the interface between the descending Pacific and overriding the Australian plates. Since 2009, one of the largest normal faults (outer rise) earthquakes has ever been recorded as of M 8.1 at the south of Samoa, 40 km east of the Tonga trench, generating a tsunami that left 180 people dead.

The earthquake occurred at the depth of 74km (50 miles) between the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is experiencing landslides and flooding due to cyclone Gabrielle, which has been causing havoc in the northern part of the country leaving four people dead this week.

More heavy rain is on the way toward the area as water undertakes the whole region and 5 million people are at risk according to ABC News. In 2011, an earthquake jolted at the South Island leaving 185 people dead. As long as the nation sits on the “Ring of Fire”, more earthquakes will visit the country in the future.

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Shows 10 Sample Tubes on Mars for Future Mission

Perseverance’s Portrait of the Sample Depot: An annotated version of the portrait captured by NASA’s Perseverance shows the location of the 10 sample tubes in the depot. The “Amalik” sample closest to the rover was about 10 feet (3 meters) away; the “Mageik” and “Malay” samples farthest away were approximately 197 feet (60 meters) from the rover. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS.

NASA just announced the Perseverance rover began building a sample depot on Mars on December 21, 2022, and its 10 titanic tube samples at specific places were completed. The 10 sample tubes are on the surface of Mars where future missions of its “sample retrieval lander” will be part of the campaign, from another planet to Earth to study, according to NASA. “Perseverance built the depot at “Three Forks,” a location within Jezero Crater. Billions of years ago, a river flowed into the crater, carrying sediment that formed a steep, fan-shaped delta that the rover will drive up in the months ahead.”

The 10-tube samples for Mars are astrobiology that seeks the signs of ancient microbial life and the rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate for human exploration of the Red Planet. The first mission will be collecting and caching Martian rock and regolith (broken rock and dust). NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) are cooperating on this mission, and they will send spacecraft to Mars to collect these sealed tube samples from the surface to bring them to deep analysis.

Eight tubes are filled with rock and regolith (broken rock and dust), one is an atmospheric sample, and one is a witness tube. The rover photographed the depot using the Mastcam-Z camera on the top of its mast, or “head,” on Jan.31, 2023. The color has been adjusted to show the Martian surface closely as it would look to the human eyes. The rover collected 18 tube samples for backup originally.

JPL, which is managed for NASA by Caltech in Pasadena, California, built and manages operations of the Perseverance rover. Arizona State University leads the operations of the Mastcam-Z instrument, working in collaboration with Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego, on the design, fabrication, testing, and operation of the cameras, and in collaboration with the Neils Bohr Institute of the University of Copenhagen on the design, fabrication, and testing of the calibration targets.

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Mary Queen of Scot’s Encoded Letters Deciphered by an International Cryptographers’ Team

This figure shows the cipher used to decode Mary Stuart's letters.The researchers deciphered the meaning of the symbols used in Mary Stuart’s letters. Credit: Lasry, Biermann, Tomokiyo

Five centuries of secrets have been unearthed by a team of international cryptographers. The protagonist of the 16-century significant political turmoil in Great Britain, Mary the queen of Scots had sent letters to the French ambassador that were decoded with the help of computers recently.

It was more than 50 letters from Mary the Queen of Scots, sent between 1578 and 1584 to the French ambassador, Michel de Castelnau Mauvissière during the rule of Elizabeth I. The letters from Queen Mary I called Mary Stuart, included concerns about her health issues and hopes for release from her imprisonment by Queen Elizabeth I. Mary Stuart was in the custody of the Earl of Shrewsbury because her sister’s political power collided with hers. A letter was written in 1586 that led to Mary’s doom.

One of Elizabeth’s spies, Sir Francis Walsingham, tricked Mary into believing her letters were secure and intercepted one supporting Elizabeth’s assassination. As a result, Mary would be beheaded for treason in 1587, according to ScientificAmerican.com.

Cryptographer George Lasry of the DECRYPT Project, which is a collaboration of historical ciphers at multi-universities around the globe, have been combing through the archives at BnF when they came across pages of ciphers mixed in with documents from Italy dating to the early 1500s. The ciphered letters were believed to be Italian, and the researchers began to try to crack the code. They found the letters used a homophonic cipher that used certain letters, “e” in particular symbols. Lasry says Mary’s cipher used symbols which it was high-frequency words and common word segments. “The cipher was quite complex, and we worked in phases,” Lasry says.

“It’s a stunning piece of research, and these discoveries will be a literary and historical sensation,” said Dr. John Guy of Clare College Cambridge, the leading historian of Mary Queen of Scots.

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U.S. and International Cybersecurity partners Hack the Hackers

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Thursday at the news conference that the FBI and international partners have hacked ransomware gangsters who have infiltrated schools and hospitals and held them hostages to extort significant amounts of money. At the conference, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and other government officials stated the measure of how the sting operation worked. According to Yahoo Finance, “Simply put, using lawful means, we hacked the hackers,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said at a news conference.

Officials said that the targeted syndicate Hive is one of the top five ransomware networks that has attacked the healthcare system. FBI Director Christoper Wray stated that the FBI placidly accessed its control panel in July and was able to obtain software keys it used with German and other partners to decrypt networks of some 1,300 victims globally. Yahoo Finance cited the article from AP.

Officials didn’t say in detail how it plans to bring justice down upon the well-organized syndicate of ransomware gangs but continue to operate the mission to eventually succeed in prosecuting them. On Wednesday night, FBI agents seized computer servers in LA used to support the network. Two Hive dark websites were captured: One used for leaking data of non-paying victims, the other for negotiating extortion payments.

This infiltration saved at least $ 130 million and was one of the big successes of this sting operation. “Cybercrime is a constantly evolving threat, but as I have said before, the Justice Department will spare no resource to bring to justice anyone anywhere that targets the United States with a ransomware attack,” Garland said. He said the infiltration, led by the FBI’s Tampa office, allowed agents in one instance to disrupt a Hive attack against a Texas school district, stopping it from making a $5 million payment.

This Hive gang used ransomware as a service tool targeting a wide range of businesses,  critical infrastructure, government, manufacturing, and healthcare systems. Hive ransomware broke into 1,300 companies worldwide from June 2021 to November 2022, and obtained about $100 million in payments. Only 20% reported potential issues have been identifiable to law enforcement, Wray said. “Here, fortunately, we were still able to identify and help many victims who didn’t report. But that is not always the case,” Wray said. “When victims report attacks to us, we can help them and others, too.”

It has been announced that some entities would pay hackers for the stolen data without notifying public officials as revealing this information could often lead to decreased trust in the company’s cybersecurity safety and expose it to lawsuits and other backlashes by the public.

37 nations have begun to work for this global task force this week, and it is led by Australia which has been attacked by ransomware that hit major medical insurers and telecom in recent years.

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100th Anniversary of the National Museum of Asian Art Begins November

The National Museum of Asian Art announced on October 6, the plans for its 100th anniversary. Beginning in November and continuing through 2023, the museum will celebrate its centennial with a year-long series of events and programs that deepen the understanding of Asian arts, and cultures to expand its new audiences.

A Two-week festival, May 1, 2023-May 13, 2023 will celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month- the museum’s first large-scale festival in recognition of this heritage month, and a cornerstone of the centennial celebrations. For the past 100 years, the national museum has built one of the world’s most important museums of Asian arts and its history.

According to the National Museum of Asian Art, the museum’s rich holdings bring the arts of Asia into direct dialogue with an important collection of 19th-and early 20th-century American works, providing an essential platform for creative collaboration and cultural exchange between the United States, Asia, and the Middle East. New acquisitions are continually added to the collections, and the museum now showcases the richness of pre-modern Asian arts and evolving visual cultures of Asia in the 20th and 21st centuries.

“The museum’s centennial will serve not only as a milestone for the institution and the Smithsonian but as a catalyst for the century ahead,” said Chase F. Robinson, Dame Jillian Sackler Director of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Freer Gallery of the Art, the National Museum of Asian Art. “Our vision is to transform the National Museum of Asian Art into a space where a wide range of visitors can come together to celebrate, learn about, and interact with Asian art and cultures, including their intersection with America. In our second century, we’re becoming a space to convene, learn, reflect and forge connections through art.

More plans and programs for the public, from May 1,2023-May 13, 2023, the museum and its surroundings on the National Mall will celebrate Asian arts and cultures with keynote speakers, headline performers, interactive experiences, culinary adventures, and community projects.

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Mid-Autumn Festival Concert at Tyson’s Corner Delights Many

Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Filipino folks gathered at the heart of Northern Virginia for an evening of vivacious celebration. They brought their traditional ceremonies comprised of songs and dances to show gratitude to their gods, families, and ancestors.

More than five hundred people came to enjoy this moment in the late summer night also known as the harvest festival in many Asian cultures.

Many bravos and applause were given to the performers on stage and to their origins. Chinese Culture Institute and Asian Chamber of Commerce hosted this tremendous collection of performances, providing the tense Asian American communities much-needed respite after the events of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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A Cup of Poem – 거울/ 김호천



거울 앞에 서면

호기심 어린 내가 있습니다.

얼굴이 갸름한

내가 고개를 오른쪽으로 돌리면,

그는 고개를 왼쪽으로 돌립니다.

거부의 몸짓에 바위가 뒤틀립니다.

그가 오른쪽으로 돌리면,

나는 어느새 왼쪽을 보고 있습니다.

그가 눈을 흘기며 얼굴을 붉힙니다.

내가 고개를 숙이면,

그때야 그도 나를 따라 고개를 끄덕입니다.

부드러운 눈빛으로.

내가 머리를 들어 하늘을 우러르면,

그도 이젠 나를 다라 흉내를 냅니다.

거룩한 기도의 몸짓으로.

드디어 내가 의미 잇는 웃음을 던지자

그가 환한 꽃송이로 다가와

가슴에 불을 밝힙니다.

행복한 추석 되세요. 코리일보 독자 여러분의 가정과 삶에 한가위만 같은 축북이 있기를 기원합니다.


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