버지니아 비치 시장, 윌 세섬(공화당), 마크 워너 상원 지지 선언

ALEXANDRIA – Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms, a Republican, today announced his endorsement of Senator Mark Warner for re-election. Mayor Sessoms joins former U.S. Senator John Warner, former Suffolk Sen. Fred Quayle, former Virginia Beach Del. Bob Tata, and many other Virginia Republican elected officials and business leaders in endorsing Mark Warner’s re-election. John Warner, Fred Quayle and Bob Tata have never endorsed a Democrat before.

In his endorsement, Mayor Sessoms cited Mark Warner’s bipartisan approach to finding commonsense solutions for Virginians and focus on implementing policies that help Virginia Beach.

“Mark Warner knows the Virginia Way. And when he takes that to Washington, D.C. he will put it to good use and get people to work together for the betterment of this great country,” said Mayor Sessoms. “In addition, he knows the needs of the military. He sees their sacrifice daily and he will stand up for them and fight for them and make sure they get what they need to be successful. That’s why I’m supporting Mark Warner for re-election to the United States Senate.”

“Will Sessoms is one of Virginia’s great leaders and I am proud to have earned his support for my re-election,” said Senator Warner. “I will continue to work with anyone, Democrat or Republican, to repeal sequestration, to support our military men and women and veterans, and to find creative solutions to strengthen the economy of Hampton Roads and Virginia.”

Watch Mayor Sessoms’ Endorsement Here

Senator Warner has been relentless in his efforts to end the stupidity of across-the-board sequestration budget cuts. In fact, he voted for both Republican and Democratic bills to end the mindless cuts that disproportionately affect Hampton Roads’ economy. He even received the U.S. Navy’s highest civilian award for his efforts to give the Navy needed tools and flexibility to respond to sequestration cuts in a smarter and more responsible way.

Senator Warner has continued to work on behalf of Virginia’s men and women in uniform, military families, and veterans.  He led the bipartisan congressional delegation in saving the aircraft carrier George Washington, helped head-off a planned cut in commissaries, and worked with the Navy to fix substandard off-base housing for Navy families.

On an issue that affects every region of the Commonwealth, Senator Warner has used his extensive business experience to put forward a bipartisan plan to reduce our debt and deficit. He also has led a bipartisan effort to create innovative new financing tools to jumpstart private investment in our nation’s infrastructure.

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NAKASEC,Affiliates National Precinct Walking Day,National Phone Banking Days

나카섹과 관련단체들은 일제히 돌아오는 11월 선거를 위해 오는 26일, 각 가정을 다니며 투표를 독려하는 켐페인을 벌이며, 10월 30일은 전화를 이용해서 유권자는 하나도 빠짐없이 자신들이 가진 권리를 행사할 것을 안내하는  켐페인을 할 예정이라고 나카섹 관계자는 밝혔다. 이를위해 오는 23일 애난데일에 위치한 나카섹 사무실에서 이번 켐페인에 대해 기자회견을 가질 예정이라고 말했다.

이번 기자회견에는 CKA 의 윤샘 , NAKASEC 의  김동윤 , 다이에나 부이와 비전교회 목사님이 참석할 예정이다.

NAKASEC, KRC and KRCC will be calling and door knocking in California, Illinois, and Virginia

Annandale, VA- The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC) and its affiliates, the Korean Resource Center (KRC) in Los Angeles, California and the Korean American Resource & Cultural Center (KRCC) in Chicago, Illinois name Sunday, October 26 as National Precinct Walking Day and Thursday, October 30 as National Phone Banking Day. NAKASEC, KRC, and KRCC will be urging Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) to get out the vote this midterm election.

NAKASEC, KRC, and KRCC are calling and door knocking to tell the AAPI community to vote for our immigrant families this year and for America’s future.

What: NAKASEC, KRC, and KRCC to announce this October’s National Precinct Walking Day (10/26) and National Phone Banking Day (10/30)

When: Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Where: NAKASEC Virginia Office

7006 Evergreen Court, Suite 200

Annandale, VA 22003



Sam Yoon, President of Council of Korean Americans

Dong Yoon Kim, Program Associate of NAKASEC

Diana Bui, Campaign Associate of NAKASEC


Keith Lee, Pastor of Vision of Peace Church

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Dr. Faber uses an art as a tool to learn to read, and starts her art business.

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October 21, 2014

Starting a business can be a challenge but there is a lot of help in Carroll County. Local artist-painter Alice Faber recently started her own art business.

When she was young, Faber could not read. She even failed third grade. But when her parents took her to the library to interest her in reading, Faber found art books with lots of pictures for her to enjoy. As a result, Faber became curious about what the book said about the artwork and artist. So she taught herself to read.

Faber also taught herself to paint by reading about how to do it. By the time she got to high school she could read.

She took an art class in high school, but none in college. After college, she painted for a while until she got a job. Then, Faber went through the rest of her life, never painting.

When she retired two years ago, Faber was able to take art classes at long last at Carroll Community College. She has taken the following classes in the Continuing Education Department: Stan Gilmore – Drawing for the Timid and Basic Drawing; Shirley Lippy Drawing and Painting (Beginning), Drawing and Painting (Continuing); Studio Art: Drawing and Painting; Ken Ecker, Figure Drawing from the Live Model.

Faber likes to paint with acrylics, particularly flowers and landscapes.

“I like things with lots of color,” she said.

Faber’s art is unique because

Many of Faber’s pieces have black backgrounds.

“The light and the dark give the painting meaning. I don’t draw the item, it draws itself,” she explained.

All through her life, one item on Faber’s bucket list was to sell a painting.

When she and her husband got married, they both had so much art that they decided to sell her artwork. There was just no room for all of it. They decided to invest as much in her business as they would on a cruise. They decided to have fun with it and enjoy the challenge.

Faber took “Marketing and Self Promotion of Art” at Carroll Community College to learn about starting a business. Also, as a result of the class she took, Faber put her art for sale on Fine Art America. The class she took is part of a series of classes offered to help artists sell their artwork including copyright laws, selling on the internet and more.

She also spoke with Roger Voter, a business consultant, in the Small Business and Technology Development Center to help her prepare a business plan. His office is also at Carroll Community College.

“If it weren’t for contacts at CCC, I would have never be able to begin. It is a gift,” she said.

To get started, Faber spoke with another local artist, Deborah Butts, and learned where to buy a tent. Butts also mentored her on how to set up a booth. She and her husband spent days putting the tent up and down for practice. Her neighbors eventually came over to see what they were doing.

In preparation for selling art, she also had gicleé prints made, a must for artists who want to make a living selling art.

Their first show Faber participated in was this past June at “Art in the Park” held by the Carroll County Arts Council in Westminster. She sold her first original and some prints.

“We had fun and talked with people around us,” she said.

The next show she and her husband attended as vendors was the Taneytown Jazz and Art Festival. She received a lot of positive feedback from the show and some good experience.

Faber joined the Carroll County Artists Guild where many of the artists also gave her valuable advice. She also became a member of the Carroll County Arts Council where she recently participated in the “Wild Imaginings” art exhibition. Each artist did their representation of the bronze lion sculpture that resides in front of the Westminster library .

As a member of the Hanover Area Arts Guild, Faber has recently painted an image of a lion statue titled “The Guardian of the Warehime-Myers Mansion.”

The guild artists are painting panels of local sites to be displayed on the front of the old Hanover Theater on Frederick Street in Hanover, Pa. The exhibit will run through December 2014.

Faber also attends “Lunch About Nothing” and “Breakfast About Everything” to network with other business people. “I want to pursue making it the best business I can,” she said. At the networking events, local entrepreneurs, business people and representatives from non-profits trade cards, business tips and local happenings.

Faber’s art can current be seen at the Carroll County Arts Council Members show, which is on display through Oct. 8 at the restored Carroll Arts Center.

She is continuing to apply for other shows and is making progress.

“The entire purpose of my business is not necessarily to make money but also to have fun. It would be nice to make some money but I am very grateful for what we have done so far,” she said.

“Once I learned to read my future was automatically expanded and I eventually went on to earn a doctorate in education, but art was the key,” she said. “I had to learn to read in order to do art, and therefore, I was able to do so many other things as well. My love of art is not only confined to how I feel when I paint but how I feel as I live.”

“When I am painting, my heart is singing. Life is good,” Faber said.

CONTACT : [email protected]

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우태창씨,새누리당 중앙위원회 해외 동포 분과 부위원장 임명장 수여




 “동해 병기” 법안 통과를 위해 워싱턴 지역의 노인회원들을 독려하며 같이 새벽길을 오며 가며 응원을 아끼지 않았던 우태창 ( 워싱턴 한인 통합 노인회장) 씨가  그 공로가 인정이 되어 새누리당 중앙 위원회 해외 동포 분과 부 위원장에 임명되어 김무성 의원( 새누리당 대표 최고의원)으로부터 임명장을 수여받았다.

우태창 회장은 이곳 워싱턴에서 노인회 대표로서 각종 행사나 또는 미국 주류 사회에서 한인들의 저력과 정치력의 신장을 높이는데 크게 기여하고 있다.

코리 일보

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흥사단, 워싱턴 지역 가을 야유회 가져


2014-10-19 14.46.42 2014-10-19 14.46.45 2014-10-19 14.46.29 2014-10-19 14.46.08 2014-10-19 14.46.05 2014-10-19 14.39.35 2014-10-19 14.38.27 2014-10-19 14.35.46 2014-10-19 14.34.00 2014-10-19 14.23.29 2014-10-19 14.20.23 2014-10-19 14.15.38 2014-10-19 14.11.10 2014-10-19 14.10.53 2014-10-19 14.07.19 2014-10-19 14.06.58 2014-10-19 14.06.44 2014-10-19 14.04.43 2014-10-19 14.02.07 2014-10-19 13.55.57 2014-10-19 13.55.49 2014-10-19 13.51.59 2014-10-19 13.51.44 2014-10-19 13.50.03 2014-10-19 13.49.45 2014-10-19 13.43.49 2014-10-19 13.43.14 2014-10-19 13.40.45 2014-10-19 13.42.11 2014-10-19 13.42.20 2014-10-19 13.42.40 2014-10-19 13.42.56 2014-10-19 13.37.00 2014-10-19 13.36.31  2014-10-19 13.35.40 2014-10-19 13.35.30
10월 19일(현지 시간) 흥사단 워싱턴 지역 본부(회장 안종윤)는 프린스 윌리암 네셔널 파크에서 가을 야유회를 가졌다. 버지니아 주에 살고 있는 흥사단 단원들과 멀리는 메릴랜드 지역에서부터 온 흥사단원인 강창구 단원의 판소리 춘향가 중에서 이별가를 가을이 깊어가는  산 속에서 불어오는 바람 소리와 더불어 청량하고 깊은 소리로 세월은 흘러가도 우리의 정신적인 뿌리는 맑고 곱게, 어느새 높아진 하늘을 향해 울러 퍼졌다.
흥사단은 1913년 5월 13일 미국 샌프란시스코에서 도산 안창호 선생이 미국 유학생들과 주축이 되어 설립된 조직이며 조국의 독립을 위해서는 힘을 길러야 하는데 그 힘의 요소는 지식, 경제력, 도덕력이고 국민 개개인이 힘 있는 국민이 돼야 나라가 부강한다고 설립 취지를 100년이 넘게 이어온 시민운동을 기반으로 한 조직 단체이다.
도산 안창호 선생은 독립운동과정에서 1937년 동우회 사건에 연루되어 그를 비롯한 흥사단원 200여병이 함께 체포되어 구금되었고, 도산 선생은 병보석으로 풀려났으나 1938년 3월 간경화로 사망하였다.
워싱턴 지역 흥사단은 1995년 설립되었고 오는 12월 21일에 펠리스 레스토랑에서 연말 파티를 할 계획이라고 밝히며 뜻있는 많은 한인들의 참여와 함께 젊은 단원들이 많이 영입되어 이 조직이 계속 더 발전할 수 있게 되길 바란다고 흥사단원들은 입을 모았다.
코리 일보

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코리일보 주최, “시인의 나라” 공모전 발표.

코리 일보는  제 1회 “시인의 나라” 공모전에서 “내일로 가는 시인들”을 발표했다.

총 10여명이 넘는 참가자들이 시를 보내왔다. 그 중에서 가장 주제와 가까운 “시인의 나라”의 시인 3명을 선택하는데 고민하지 않을 수 없었다. 대부분의 시인들이 훌륭한 작품들로 공모를 한 결과 순위를 가리는데 애로사항이 많았다. 그리하여, 이번에 입상자들중 세 분에게 “내일로 가는 시인들” 이란 칭호를 붙여 시상을 하게 되었다.  기성미가 넘치는 작품보다는 발전 가능성이 있는 작품을 선정했다는 심사의원의 평이다. 심사는  전직 국회 출입기자를 했고, 시 분야에 많은 관심을 가지고 있는 분이 심의하였다.

내일로 가는 시인들,

최우수상, 유정미 시인, 작품 (잠을 갈아 먹은 시)


                                  잠을 갈아 먹은 시



잠을 갈아먹고 시를 쓴다

뇌 밖으로 소나기처럼 자음 모음이 쏟아져

백지에 검은 활자들이

연어떼처럼 기어 오른다

감성을 일으키는 심오한 시어들을

찾아볼 여력이 없다

깨진 잠에

뒤척이는 허리춤

오뚝이처럼 벌떡 일어나

한 줄로 검은 획을 궤메간다


뇌는 한 곳에 꽂혀

쐐기를 박는다

바늘땀처럼 활자를 놓으니

시 보자기가 펼쳐져

마지막 점을 찍는다

짧디 짧은 순간에

색을 먹은  시가 그려진다

꿀 잠을 삼킨 시는

연꽃처럼 빙그레 웃으며

허기진 잠에 영양분을 준다


가작, 박지현 시인, 작품 (자장가)

입선, 김명순 시인, 작품 (사랑은)

당선자들에겐  코리일보가 소정의 상품을 보내 드리려 하오니, 주소를 코리 일보 이메일로 보내 주시길 바랍니다.

코리일보는 당선작이 여러 편 모아 지면 “시인의 나라 “시집도 발간할 계획입니다.

[email protected]


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John Foust (VA-D), 10th Congressional district had press conference


IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0366 IMG_0368


지난 16일 매클린 도서관에서 John Foust, 버지니아 제 10구역 연방 하원 의원 출마자를 위한 프레스 칸퍼런스가 열렸다. 이 자리에서 현재 막강한 라이벌인 바브라 캄스탁과의 열띤 선거 경쟁에서 그는 말하기를,”임신의 자유와 또 피임약의 선택등이 여성에게 있음”을 강조 했다.  최근 원하지 않은 임신등으로 인한 인공유산등을 법적으로 제재하며, 피임약의 선택등을 고용주가 선택해 주는 범위내에서 구입할 수 있는 분위기여서 시술소등이 많이 휴업을 하는 등 임신 중절로 인한 정부의 개입에 대해 많은 여성들이 불만을 토로하고 있다. 그는 또한 누구든지 동등하게 교육받을 수 있는 권리와 함께 동등한 취업 기회를 가질 수 있는 형평성과 공정성을 강조하고 있다.

이 자리에서, Grace Han Wolf 는 그는 지난 시간동안 페어펙스 카운트의 보드 수퍼바이저로서 핵심적으로 카운티의 모든 중대한 정책사안을 주민을 위해서 헌신하고 봉사한 사람으로 이번 선거에서도 주민들이 그의 진심을 공감하며 인정하는 기회가 되길 바란다고 말했다.

코리 일보

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2014, 제 5회 Asian – American Business Summit & Expo, held at Fairfax Government Center.


IMG_0380 IMG_0379 IMG_0378 IMG_0377 IMG_0376 IMG_0375 IMG_0374 IMG_0373  IMG_0371  IMG_0369 IMG_0382  IMG_0383

제 5회 아시안 아메리칸 비즈니스 대표들이 페어펙스 카운티의 정부 청사에서 그들의 회사들을 안내, 소개하는 시간을 가졌다. 이 행사는 “그레이스 한 울프 헌돈 시의원의 협조로 아시안 아메리칸 상공회의소(소장, 신디 차오)가  버지니아에 소재한 상공회의소들과  서로 힘을 모아 이 같은  커다란 행사를 도모하게 되었다. 고 신디 차오는 인사말에서 말했다. 정부에 물건을 납품하는 일을 비롯해서 MBA 과정을 온라인으로 마칠 수 있는 대학을 소개하는 한편, 덜레스 공항에서 비즈네스를 하는 사람들을 위한 안내와 함께 여러가지 법적 자문역을 해 줄 수 있는 로펌, 버라이존과 칵스 커뮤니케이션의 팽팽한 판촉 경쟁들을 직접 느낄 수 있는 곳이었다.

코리 일보

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Don Beyer, VA-D, 8th Congressional district met their constituents



지난 10월 12일, 버지니아 주의 제 8선거구역, 연방 하원의원 출마자인 단 베이어가 자신의 지역 선거구민들을 만났다.  알렉산드리아에서 있었던 그날의 행사는 저널리스트인 그의 아내(Megan Beyer)가 동석해서 지역구민과 그를 지원하는 AAPI 리더들을 만났고 아시안 커뮤니티의 현안 문제인 자녀들의 학자금 융자등에 대해서 깊이있는 대화의 시간을 가졌으며, 단 베이어 출마자는 융자금을 유럽의 교육 시책과 비교하면서 현실적으로 고려해서 갚아갈 수 있는 대안을 마련해 보겠다고 말했다.

IMG_0341 IMG_0338 IMG_0337

단 베이어는 노던 버지니아 지역에서 자신이 직접 운영하는 딜러쉽을 가지고 있는 비즈네스 맨으로서 알려져 있는 합리적인 사고를 하는 비즈네스 맨이며, 1989년엔 처음으로 부지사를 역임했던 제 36대 버지니아 주의 주 지사였던 더글러스 와일더의 부 지사를 역임한 바 있으며, 오바마 행정부에서  스위스의 대사를 역임한 바 있다.


이 자리에는 Mark Keam 버지니아 하원의원이 참석해서 힘을 보태주며 서로 응원하는 모습이 많은 참석자들의 눈길을 끌었다.

현재 그를 지지하는 정치인및 지지자들은 다음과 같다.

Bill Richardson, Presidential Candidate 2008, Governor of New Mexico
Howard Dean, Presidential Candidate 2004, Governor of Vermont
Madeleine Kunin, Governor of Vermont, Deputy Secretary of Education
Lynda Johnson Robb, First Lady of Virginia
Linwood Holton, Governor of Virginia
Jinx Holton, First Lady of Virginia
Toddy Puller, Virginia State Senator, Fairfax
Bob Brink, Virginia Delegate, Arlington
Gerry Hyland, Fairfax County Supervisor, Mount Vernon
David Snyder, Vice Mayor, Falls Church
Paul Ferguson, Arlington Clerk of Court
Phil Duncan, Falls Church City Council
Lawrence Webb, Falls Church School Board
Charniele Herring, Former Democratic Party of Virginia Chair, Virginia Delegate, Alexandria
Mary Margaret Whipple, Former Virginia State Senator, Arlington
Kerry Donley, Former Alexandria Mayor
Dana Kauffman, Former Fairfax Board of Supervisors
David Speck, Former State Delegate, Former Alexandria City Council
Jim Scott, Former Virginia Delegate, Fairfax and Falls Church
Marian Van Landingham, Former Virginia Delegate, Alexandria
Judy Connally, Former Virginia Delegate, Arlington
Karen Darner, Former Virginia Delegate, Arlington
Ira Lechner, Former Virginia Delegate, Arlington
Lonnie Rich, Former Alexandria City Council
David Bell, Former Arlington Clerk of Court
Lilla Richards, Former Fairfax Board of Supervisors, McLean
David Axelrod, Former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama
David Plouffe, Campaign Manager and Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama
Peter Rouse, Former White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama
Melody Barnes, Former Domestic Policy Advisor to President Barack Obama
Jim Messina, Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama
Julianna Smoot, Deputy Campaign Manager, President Obama’s Re-election campaign
Terry Lierman, Former Chief of Staff to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer
John Milliken, Former Virginia Secretary of Transportation
Kate Michelman, President Emeritus, NARAL Pro-Choice America
Bill Dolan, two-time Democratic Nominee for Attorney General
Lawrence Roberts, Counselor to then-Governor Tim Kaine
Harris Miller, Former Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair
Dak Hardwick, Former Alexandria Democratic Committee Chair
Sharon Davis, Former Arlington County Democratic Chair
Robley Jones, Public Education Advocate
Bob Blancato, National and State Advocate for the Aging
Rebecca Jaramillo, Founding Member DPVA Latino Caucus, Former DLOV Board
Larry Schweiger, Environmental Leader
Chris Miller, Environmental Leader
Irene Natividad, President of Global Summit of Women
Patricia Sosa, Political Commentator on To The Contrary
Satish Korpe, Businessman and Democratic activist


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First South Asian American, head of Civil Rights Division of Department of Justice

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama today will appoint civil rights attorney Vanita Gupta as the acting head of Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. She is the first South Asian American appointed to head the division. In coming months, the president is expected to nominate Ms. Gupta to serve as the permanent assistant attorney general of civil rights, a role that has been unfilled since Tom Perez was confirmed as labor secretary in July 2013.

Mee Moua, president and executive director of Advancing Justice | AAJC, issued the following statement:

“Vanita Gupta is a highly qualified attorney and experienced litigator, with a deep and demonstrated commitment to the advancement of equality and justice. During this critical time in our history when tensions between law enforcement and communities of color are at an all-time high, we value the experience and leadership she brings to the Civil Rights Division, and we look forward to working with her.”

Ms. Gupta has broad litigation and policy experience across a range of civil rights issues, including criminal justice reform, immigration, police practices, education, children’s rights and civil rights for disabled persons. For the past four years, Ms. Gupta has served as a deputy legal director of the National American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Previously, she was an attorney for its Racial Justice Program. She began her career as a lawyer with the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, which was founded by Thurgood Marshall.

Her first case as a civil rights lawyer involved leading an effort to win the release of 38 African-Americans in Tulia, Texas whose drug convictions and lengthy sentences were later utterly discredited by the work of Ms. Gupta and the legal team of private bar attorneys she organized. All of the defendants were eventually pardoned in 2003 by Governor Rick Perry, and she helped to negotiate a $6 million settlement for those arrested.

Ms. Gupta has been working closely and collaboratively with law enforcement, departments of corrections, and a cross-section of progressives, conservatives and libertarians to advance smart policing and criminal justice reforms. She has been intimately involved in federal and state policing, sentencing and drug policy and criminal law reform initiatives around the country. She has been instrumental in the significant bipartisan progress achieved to end the overreliance on incarceration in recent years.

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